From Sebastian:
   I never thought I would really fall in love. I mean, I’ve had my share of boyfriends, sure. But I’ve learned something about love.

I hadn’t realized that I had to let love find me. I thought I knew what love was. Iza had to show me that my self-image was keeping me from experiencing love. Once I let go of what I thought love was, I was taken over, consumed by love.

Love isn’t something you choose, it is something you acknowledge in you. Iza said to me “Love is bigger than you, it’s bigger than anything you think you know about yourself.”

From Kalyn:

Sebastian is a character that joined the “scene” in Book 1, Cake By The Ocean, in my Cake Life Series. I thought he was going to “walk on stage” and visit Sam, or Dr. Samantha Jaspar, just briefly to keep her company in St. Martin. Instead, Sebastian has become one of my favorite characters– and he stole the show. Not only did he stick around in Book 1, but he’s the main character in Book 2, Desert Cupcake. As my Indy Author Book Gurus, Johnny B True and Sean Platt say, I’ve let my characters dictate the story, as though I’m at the theater watching the show, recording it as it plays out before me.

Disclaimer: I don’t know much about gay men and I practice non-judgement which means that I had to not judge Sebastian coming into my books, being gay and my feeling like I didn’t really know what the life of a gay mans is like. So, how can I write about him? Well, people are people and I had to trust the show on stage in my imagination.

Sebastian has become a lot of fun. Spoiler alert! Like Sam, he goes through his own deep challenges. In Book 2, subtitled Finding Meaning, he goes west in search of meaning in his life, a new career. He finds a lot more meaning that he thought when he comes up against finding what his heart so desires that it means everything to him: being a father. Becoming a father is a bit challenging for him because he’s gay. What will he have to do? How will he have to change to become a father?

From this inner struggle to find meaning and purpose in life, Sebastian’s letter on love (above) was written. I just helped out a little, taking his words and turning them into a video!

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