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Hang out with me in my blogs and videos and you’ll change the way you see yourself, your biz/career and love in your life. You’ll be more empowered and you’ll love feeling wiser and more in the flow~

My videos to help you get In The Flow so you can live the riches of life are on YouTube, though I often post additional videos for my Skool
You’ll find videos explaining a lot of deeper concepts about life, spirituality – and the law of attraction, for which you need to learn about the law of self (because it trumps the law of attraction); you will also find videos on great techniques and tips to tap you into the flow and life’s riches.
Topics include love, business, money and improving yourself!
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My blog lives on Living In The Flow System.com
My blogs go deeper, so you’ll find more insight here on personal growth topics, including love, abundance…

The Universal Laws that Rule Skool – has additional lessons to help you go beyond the blog or video and be pragmatic and so that you can change your life (in wonderful ways).
Skool is coming soon-
Work with me and watch your life change!
In Skool, you can take a manifesting class – like no other you’ve ever taken;
You will look to the law of self and why it is important to Know Thyself; you’ll learn how to better work with the law of attraction
You will also gain a new perspective on personal power and you’ll come to understand more of your own behaviors that come from your agreements, beliefs and, most importantly, your karma.
All that and you’ll meet wonderful, like-minded people who share your interest in improving the experience of their own lives and connecting with their Source Energy (or Higher Self, God, The Universe…)




three-laws-of-manifestingThe Three Laws of Manifesting

available on Amazon.com – click the title

Within you is a power beyond description. The Three Laws of Manifesting will show you how to tap into that power, strengthening your ability to manifest, or create, your desires. As you venture into the fascinating world of manifesting a magic will enter into your life that at times is indescribable: your Source Energy. The Three Laws of Manifesting, the Law of Self, the Law of Attraction & the Law of Repetition, will speak to you about each of these and make working with them easily comprehendible, allowing you to use the three universal manifesting Laws in your life.





Living With Purpose

available on Amazon.com – click the title

Living With Purpose is a unique workbook that takes you through 8 weeks to finding your unique purpose in life and to living it. Unlike most books, this workbook is an active book meaning that it leads you through a process to find your purpose. By interacting in the journal aspect of the book you will make positive changes in your life as you work to dis-cover your purpose. Our life’s purpose is always available to us and is held by higher aspects of ourselves, or our Higher Self. We are lead to our purpose through our hopes, dreams and desires, what is important to us in life and the experiences we choose to have in life. The workbook easily guides you through this self-exploration to find your unique purpose. The workbook focuses on helping you bring your purpose through your capacities or the roles you play in life. Find and live your unique purpose in Living With Purpose!


Shamanic-egg-bookcoverShamanic Egg Cleansing

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Shamanic Egg Cleansing For the first time, this ancient shamanic healing method is now being made available for all. Shamanic Egg Cleansing offers everything you need to know to conduct your own egg cleansings. Egg cleansings are a unique shamanic healing form which use and egg and smoke to energetically cleanse a cleansee’s aura and to help them on their healing path. After a session, the egg is dropped into water and read. True seers have the ability to see the client, enabling the seer to facilitate the client’s understanding and ability to work with their own life issues. Egg cleansings are common throughout Central and South America, but rarely seen elsewhere. Until now, this ancient technique has not been shared. Kalyn makes egg cleansings easy to understand, enabling you to perform the energetic healing technique yourself.



Between Worlds

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From magical waters to visions, these seven short stories will captivate your attention while providing examples of spiritual principals at work. These captivating stories will move you and also show you what life can be like when you allow your Source Energy into your life.
Stories include:
Spinning Wheels
The Book of Life
Cat’s Eyes
Hold Your Focus
The Pools Of Paradise
The Call Of The Crow


Manifesting Abundance

available on Amazon.com – click the title