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The Maven Method

Hi, I’m Kalyn and I am pretty serious about coaching. So serious, I’m the founder of the Maven Method™ for training coaches. contact me

I don’t believe everything happens for a reason because a lot of things do, but not all of them. Besides, what’s the point of thinking that everything happens for a reason when you have no clue why it happened? To understand the “why” as to the significant things that are happening to you, you must know yourself more deeply. You must know some about your own energy and how it manifests patterns and issues in you life. Sometimes things just happen – don’t give it a second thought. Other times, when something significant happens, pay attention and gain the awareness it is bringing you as opposed to saying things happen for a reason and then ignoring it.

Life is meant to be pleasing and sweet, but this can only be when you are connected to you. My coaches go deeper than just giving you positive thinking tricks or techniques; they actually help you shift and change yourself towards your authenticity and the Flow so that your life is a natural one. No more trying to be positive or trying to bring meaning to your life, they will naturally be there.

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To contact me for a coaching session for you in business or life, please contact me. Check the box for coaching and send me a message. My sessions are about 1 hour for $150/hr.

Dream It!

I have been helping people create the business of their dreams, bring the love of their life forward (even married 3 couples!) and help people change how they see themselves and their abilities and opportunities for nearly 15 years. I have also lead over 30 retreats all around the world and offer coaching groups.

To learn more about joining a coaching group or to be listed to join the next time a group forms, please let me know! (link coming soon)

Lady’s Coaching Group – Realized Potential

I love the energy of working with women! Right now I have a group called ‘Realized Potential’. This is an advanced group of ladies who are working to realize, or live, their potential. If you would like to be in a group of ladies and be a part of a small tribe, let me know and I’ll let you know when there are at least 3 for the skype or phone groups.


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