Cake Life Series

In this series, you’ll make friends with Sam, Sebastian and many others as you journey with them in their adventures to chase their dreams, find meaning in life and learn true personal power. Sam and Sebastian go through many adventures which improve their personal and spiritual connection. If you are like me and you believe that books can take you on a vicarious journey then you know that they can effect and change you. Thus, these are meant to help you incorporate greater awareness (often called life lessons) into your life.

Join Sam and Sebastian to journey around the world:

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Cake Life, Book 1: Cake By The Ocean

Book 1: Cake By The Ocean, Chasing Dreams

I sat in Starbucks before work, staring at some women. They looked happy. Unlike me. They had wedding rings and it was clear to me that they shopped, went to spas… they laughed out loud. I sat alone organizing my week. I mean, here I was working so hard— and I love being a psychologist, love my practice. But, I had nothing else to show for a life of school, just my frap. Then I things got worse.

That’s when I left everything behind and moved to St. Martin, where the wind could blow through my hair and change my life.

I’m ready to chase my dreams.

I want to find love, go a little crazy and feel good about myself and my life. Here I’ll meet a new best friend and the love of my life, the question is, will I sabotage these? I’ll use all my psychological tools to coach myself, but how do you make life work? Can I turn everything around with the help of my profession and my friends?

Self-help/Spirituality meets novella, Cake By The Ocean is an entertaining, contemporary story in a series that weaves a few life lessons into adventures. Think Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist then add laughter and listen as you hear Sam travel, trip and try to help her clients and save herself. Vicariously learn some “life lessons,” journey into the dark night of Sam’s soul- all while being entertained.

Cake Life, Book 2: Desert Cupcake

Book 2: Desert Cupcake, Finding Meaning

I met Sam in St. Martin. At once we were best friends and she was like family, which meant everything because I’ve been wanting a place to belong, my tribe, my people– for so long.

I’d been in St. Martin after leaving a career in maketing and fashion behind. I just started dating a great guy, but it wasn’t doing anything for me because I now need meaning in my life. I need to dedicate myself to my purpose– but first, I need to know what these are.

So I headed west and wound up in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

What a trip! I met a couple of brujas, or witches, and began a path of self-discovery. They talk about energy, Silent Knowledge, gender flow– they even talk about changing time! Similar to falling down the rabbit whole, my life will never be the same. My life is changing in ways I didn’t think were possible…

Kalyn’s Book 2 in the Cake Life Series, Desert Cupcake is also a Self-help/Spirituality meets novel with Sebastian, Sam’s best friend, as the main character. Seeking meaning in his life, Sebastian finds that Finding Meaning requires that he find more of who he is and where that power really comes from. Journey with Sebastian as he begins a quest for meaning and purpose.