desk-1399811_640From Iza:
     Hello my Angels,
This week was Yom Kippur. As a teacher of spirituality, I am not religious, but you can say that I am pragmatic, practical. I tap into any religion’s good use of energy and use it to my benefit, as you should.
It was brought to my attention that this week was Yom Kippur, the Jewish New Year, and that God writes a person’s name into one of three books, fortelling their future for next year. The only book I am focusing on is The Book of Life. My understanding of this Jewish holy day is general at best, but what I’m telling you, my angel, is that there is an energy available now. The idea of a new cycle, a New Year, means that you are more free than you are at other times in the year to choose the energy and experiences you prefer, to choose who you wish to be at this time.
I always talk about the energies coming in for the next year around August; I tell my students to use this time of the year to complete projects and to begin to focus on their desires for the upcoming cycle, or year. When you do so, you tap in and allow the universe to assist you. This is what co-creators and shamans do, they allow the universe to line things up for them. It is like a surfer watching for and riding the wave.
Become surfers of energy, my angels.
Heavenly blessings,