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You’ve heard that everything is energy first, you’ve heard that everything happens for a reason– but if you don’t know how to connect with and shift your energy and if you don’t know why significant things are happening to you, then it’s time to find out about the Universal Laws that Rule! People often use spirituality as an escape… from life, their problems, their selves. If you know the kingdom of heaven is within, then you’ll love it here. It can be tough, but the reward is the riches life offers us when we are in the flow and using universal laws to benefit ourselves and our lives.

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The Universal Laws that Rule Skool posts monthly lessons (via blog or video) to help you:

  • Make positive changes in your life
  • See yourself, love, life and business in ways you’ve never seen yourself before
  • Empower yourself by becoming aware of your own energy, agreements in your life
  • Learn how to change your limiting beliefs
  • Tap into and learn to work with your own energy
  • Unravel universal laws through manifesting courses and more!

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Sample Lesson/blog:
Update: Can You Agree to Love Me?

… Then all of a sudden I think of a girlfriend who dissolved her marriage last year. She was expecting to stay close to her husband, but now I understand why her relationship with her ex has degraded, why he isn’t being so nice to her anymore: my friend’s marriage paralleled my old elementary school friendship. He’s like my 3rd grade friend! It’s totally not true (just metaphorically), but you could say that my girlfriend’s marriage had the same kind of agreements as my friendship with my best friend in 3rd grade! In both relationships (her marriage and my childhood friendship) the original agreements have been broken, breaking these relationships like shattered glass.

Shattered glass? Why so drastic? Isn’t shattered glass un-fixable? Yes and that is why I’m painting that picture. My girlfriend, call her Blue (a random name to keep anonymity), really threated to shatter her husband’s existence although she thought she was just ending the marriage. But it was much more than their relationship in his eyes. To him, she was also rejecting who he was. See, initially when they got together, he was better than her (like my elementary friend who decided she was better than me during college), because Blue and I were judged to come from lesser upbringings. I say judged because that’s all it is, a judgement, and you have to be a psychologist to really say whether one family’s conditioning is better or worse than another. That could be a blog, or a book, itself, so suffice it to say that my upbringing wasn’t perfect, nor was hers or anyone else’s. On the other hand, I didn’t go to a private college, which diminished how she saw me, regardless of what public college I went to and how well I did. Judgments are never logical or fair; they are only about making the judge feel better about themselves.

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We take topics – like agreements, abundance, love and so on – deeper. The blog or video gets us started and then we apply things and look at ways to shift ourselves so that, in this example, we become aware of our agreements and then try to shift ourselves to make healthier, new agreements.

If this is the right place for you, then I welcome you and I look forward to connecting more deeply and to watching your life transform!