If you are new to my blog, I’m all about personal & spiritual growth, which makes my blogs a bit different. They are blogs lessons – can I coin a new term? How about blesson?

In this blesson you’ll want to see the movie Bridge of Spies so that you can take entertainment to a higher level, gaining wisdom and avenues to some of life’s greatest riches in the flow of the empowered version of you.


The Standing Man of Intent

I’ll be the first one to admit and agree that life’s not easy. It’s challenging, rather challenging. Life asks you to rise to the occasion and be who you know yourself to be. And doing so requires great courage, among other things. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if you may be one of most people fooling themselves into thinking that you only need to do enough to get by. I wouldn’t blame you either, because humans are like monkeys when it comes to the ‘monkey see, monkey do’. We learn by example and there is no greater teacher in life than a role model when it comes to showing us the way to be who we truly are. Looking around, there are few role models to teach us the power of our word, the importance of our own integrity with ourselves or how to have personal power.

Fortunately, the movie Bridge of Spies provides us with glimpses of one such role model:

Tom Hanks was his usual awesome self in the movie Bridge of Spies. I loved it and I recommend it highly if you are interested in positively changing your life, if you want to learn about integrity or if you are working to increase your personal power. See, being a person with dominion, integrity and personal power doesn’t happen when you do what the world tells you to do or expects you to do – you become such a person when you choose to be you and to do what you know is right for you, regardless of what the world requires, asks or wants you to do. That takes large amounts of courage.

What You & Other People Think

Don’t bother! (with what you and other people think)- Donavan will exemplafy why:

In the movie, an Air Force pilot- Francis Gary Powers- was captured by the Russians and Tom Hanks, playing James B. Donavan, is the lawyer who negotiated his release/prisoner exchange. After the exchange Powers tries to thank the people surrounding him for his rescue, but no one responds to him. Powers turns to Donavan who says “It doesn’t matter what other people think. You know what you did.” – which is my favorite line in the movie (and it had several good lines).

Donavan’s words are powerful because he has endured heavy criticism and more for having chosen to legally represent a communist spy so that the US could ensure that the spy had a fair trial. His firm initially called it a patriotic duty but later, when Donavan continued to represent the spy in an appeal before the Supreme court, he is shunned.

Donavan is persona non-grata in his choice because he is seen as being unpatriotic by representing a communist spy. However, he never doubts himself. His integrity creates difficulties and challenges in his life that he could have easily turned away from, which no one would criticize. By Donavan not fighting for his spy client or by choosing not to negotiate the release of Powers, Donavan would likely be applauded.

You could even say that Donavan himself, who initially resisted legally representing a spy, didn’t want to do so: why would he help or represent a person who was a threat to his own country? Donavan doesn’t even care what he thinks about his situation; he chooses his integrity and to act powerfully based on what he knows matters, and he knows that every person matters and that he is helping his country provide fair, legal representation to all so he takes on the spy-client.

The Law of Self Trumps LOA

What does integrity look like? How do you positively change your life?

Life is movement meaning that everything in life is always evolving and changing. Simply put, one day changes into the next; one season gives way to the next. For us, as people, change means that we are either growing and evolving personally or we are going backwards. More specifically, either we are becoming more capable and wiser with each passing year or we are having a tougher time of life and becoming bitter and unhappy.

So, you grow old and become wise or bitter. While nothing is black or white, (wise or bitter), this is generally true. A lot of people believe that thinking positively will activate the law of attraction and bring good things to them in life. They don’t consider the fact that they can think positively about not doing what is best for them, creating a scenario in which they are positively not making forward movement in their lives. In the movie Donavan could have been positive about not representing the spy, but he would have been making a choice that went contrary to himself.

Contrary to what many think, life does not reward or punish you. Instead, the first law at work in life is the law of self. It trumps the law of attraction because you can positively fool yourself into making choices that are poor or detrimental to yourself. These choices can be subtle, like not speaking up (which can lead to passive-aggressive behaviors) or it can be more obvious, like quitting a job or ending a marriage. In any circumstance, and certainly in these examples, your choice can be beneficial to you or detrimental. The trick is knowing the difference, which you can only begin to identify when you know yourself. You can make what you think to be the positive choice, and law of attraction will bring you more of this: If it is a beneficial choice for you, then LOA will bring you more beneficial experiences. Contrary to this, if the choice is detrimental because you are making the choice that is easy or that is making others happy (but is not a choice for self), even if you are positive, then LOA will bring you more experiences that match your disconnection. Right action is not rewarded by life just like positive actions don’t make LOA bring you positive results. It’s all trumped by the law of self which says that you must honor who you authentically are. When you do so, the universe will yield to you – as it did to Donavan when he negotiated receiving two prisoners in exchange for one.

The best way to make a choice is according to the law of self, at which point you will be choosing to honor your authentic self, the universe will honor you and LOA will bring you more experiences that match the energy of you honoring yourself (which means experiences that you’ll love).

Dominion, Not Domination

[Content protected for Realized Potential members only]Changing Life

Have you heard the cliché ‘You can’t force the river’? Life is much larger than us such that we can’t change it. We can, however, impact our own lives and change life. Since you can’t force a river, you can only change what you are experiencing in life when you focus on you and when you abide by the law of self.

The Law of Self says that the universe will honor what you say you are when you are being authentic, and it does even more so than you do. If you say you are a person who values every person and you behave accordingly, as Donavan did, the universe will agree with you and honor you. If you are not honest with yourself, then you could say (tho it’s not really accurate) that the universe will then honor you believing you are inauthentic and LOA will match this, bringing you inauthentic experiences – which you won’t like because they will invoke inauthentic feelings of dislike, unhappiness, sadness and so on, in you.

It Feels Good

Bridge of Spies inspired me. It is based in fact and I love seeing people in the world who have integrity, personal power and who impact their lives. It feels good to see this and I, of course, aspire to it.

Feeling good about yourself and your life is priceless. When you do, you can’t help but impact those around you in positive ways and can’t help but benefit them. Case in point, Donavan positively impacted the lives of the 3 prisoners who participated in the exchange and many more.

Wouldn’t it be a pleasing and peaceful world that was exciting and inspiring if we all held a little more Donavan in us? Well, at least we know what it looks like to be connected with yourself and your own power and we’ve seen how that can positively change our own lives, thanks to James B. Donavan – and Tom Hanks (since he brings his roles through so well!).